Monday, October 27, 2014

My first saffron harvest!

Last week I noticed that my saffron corms were sprouting... I didn't know what they would do to be honest. Everything I read said... if you are in zone 6 to 8... plant them now... I read that in a few places. So we went with it.  Not only were these guys sprouting but they are also flowering (I guess that was inevitable but I've never grown crocuses so I had no idea).

My first two flowers opened this weekend and a third one is about to open. Several others are sprouting so I anticipate more flowers over the next few weeks.

I have to admit I am a bit worried as to whether they will survive the winter. Especially if we have a winter as brutal as last year (I am in USDA zone 6b/7a).  I am debating whether I want to bring a few inside once they all finish flowering? Any thoughts? Everything I read says they go dormant in May.

 I have grown them in different parts of my yard which have varying amounts of sun (btw the first to flower were the ones in the location with the least amount of sun!!). My hope is that the sun keeps the soil warm... I will also go over each one with a nice think layer of mulch.
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